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energy systems

Protection against all types of power supply failures, providing a clean and safe source for the most sensitive loads
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UPS- uninterruptible power supply units

  • Protection for all electronic systems sensitive to cuts, micro-cuts and other electrical disturbances
  • Provides safe, uninterrupted, quality power to all connected loads
  • Provides power long enough to shut down critical systems in a safe and rational manner, preventing data loss/corruption
  • Tool to ensure business continuity

voltage stabilizer


  • Extends device life
  • Reduces equipment failure rate
  • Keeps the electrical grid stable
  • Attenuates noise, interference and atmospheric discharges
  • Protects against under-voltage and over-voltage of the electrical network
  • Acts in overload cases
  • Signals electrical network events

The stabilizer is equipment that protects electronic devices from voltage variations in the electrical network. Therefore, its function is to protect your computer or any devices.

mtc – load transfer module


Used in:

  • Industries
  • Providing wired servers
  • IT Applications

Automatic static switching equipment, designed to transfer load between two independent AC power sources without interruption.

MTC was designed with the aim of protecting an entire building or installation from electrical power disturbances.

electrical installations


We carry out the desired Installation through specialized technicians who are constantly updating their skills and who use adequate resources and logistics to deliver a quality service.

The Technician who assisted you will always be available to clarify any doubts, either for clarifications or for the necessary adjustments.