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Line Interactive UPS

The Line Interactive UPS represents the origin of Ablerex, together with Single Phase Online UPS. The history of Ablerex started in 1994 with the first version of Glamor, called Hope. The current Glamor UPS is the fourth generation of this Ablerex products and takes advantage of more than 25 years of successful experience in this field.
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ablerex solutions

Here Ablerex solutions about Line Interactive UPS System:



The power of experience 450VA- 2000VA



Pure sinewave protection for IT loads 600VA- 2000VA

Ablerex products features

If you visit the single product sheet, you can read the specific description of each product with its technical features and the perfect segment in which it can be apply.

Each product has its own specificities, if you would like more information about the difference between the different UPS and the same products in each category, you can contact us to be supported in your choice.

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