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security systems

Increase the protection of your installation. Fast, safe and practical solutions
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Advanced technology, modern solutions, and smart devices

These solutions can be useful and applied to any market sector, such as industrial and service companies, public entities, commercial spaces or homes.

smart locks


  • More security
  • Smart access
  • Advanced technology
  • Simplified management for owners
  • Uncomplicated access for your guests
  • Ease and versatility of use
  • Elegant design

The right smart lock for your installation. Managing access has never been easier.

Open the door on the spot, in seconds, directly from your smartphone, through code or the app.

You can create and delete unique access codes, define the period for which they can be used and assign them to whoever wants to give access authorization.

access control


Access Control allows managing a building, controlling its users, restricting their access to certain places and even recording their movements.

The goal is simple: to control who can be at a given time, in a given place.

intrusion systems


  • Effective security
  • Control via alerts whenever an alarm situation occurs
  • Immediate action in case of intrusion, fire, flood, gas leak or other risk situation

It consists of peripheral devices placed in strategic locations with the aim of ensuring the protection of certain spaces, depending on the desired degree of security.

Having an Intrusion Detection System (commonly known as an alarm) in your facility provides, in addition to effective security, being informed in advance and being able to act immediately and remotely through your mobile device.

fire detection


  • Alerts can be given by various means such as alarm receiving centers, GSM, SMS, telephone call, etc.

A Fire Detection System has devices that, when detecting a fire signal / risk, sound alarm sirens and can automatically activate extinguishing mechanisms through the release of water, foam or gas.

Increase your installation’s protection and help prevent fires.